About Us

“ We will give our best efforts to help creating our land Myanmar a better place to live. ”

Letter from Chairman

Since I grew up in a small town in the Delta region with hardships, I realize the difficulties of livelihoods of the common people. Through the years I have been working abroad, I realized how our country is left behind and with that in mind, I decided to play a part in uplifting the way of life of our people with maximum effort. In 1995, when I come back to my homeland, I started donating firefighting trucks, building schools and supporting scholarships within my own capacity. In May 2008, Myanmar encountered the worst natural disaster in its recorded history. Cyclone devastated lives as well as the livelihoods of thousands of people, especially in my birthplace, Ayeyarwaddy Region. I came to face the reality of devastation of lives and livelihoods of the people in my region where the Cyclone Nargis had had set foot in while I was staying there for a year for rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts. Therefore, Ayeyarwady Foundation was founded in an effort to uplift the people of Myanmar in all aspects of their lives as and when necessary during this short life span of a human being. From the time of its inception, Ayeyarwady Foundation is driving forward in achieving its founding principles and is focused in education, health, youth and sports sectors as well as disaster management. In 2015, Ayeyarwady Foundation extended its CSR efforts by educating and sharing knowledge to local companies for global compliance in a proper corporate governance manner by cooperating with foreign institutions in Responsible Business Practice. I am confident to state that Ayeyarwady Foundation will continue participating in development process of our country under the auspice of the new democratic government, and together with the Government, our business partners, other local foundations and NGOs as well as INGOs, the foundation will strive to work together in uplifting the livelihoods of our people.


Max Myanmar Group of Companies was established since 1993 and owned by Myanmar Citizen starting from the date, was very much involved energetically in State building activities and also actively taking part in Social, Education, Health and Sports activities by supporting and donating for the benefit of our country and our people. Max Myanmar Group of Companies is still actively supporting in Development of Myanmar during its (20) years time and giving back its best for the gratitude of the country, at the same time very much involved in uplifting the people’s need such as food, clothing and shelter conditions and if opportunities arise, supporting and donating funds and labors in the field of well adapted Health and Religious matters will be continuously carried out in the future. Max Myanmar Group of Companies is donating in the country’s priorities such as Education sector from Basic Elementary level to Universities, Collages level throughout the country and constructing and donating some Hospitals and Dispensaries in Health sector. During 2008, when the cyclone Nargis, the worst disaster encountered in Myanmar’s History, hit the history vision & mission Ayeyarwady Division, Latputa District, right after the aftermath, the foundation started its operations by supporting and donating lifesaving materials, supporting the victims and their families in their rehabilitation efforts such as their sanitation and health. The Ayeyarwady Foundation has consistently supported andinvested millions of Kyats in order to rehabilitate the victims of the cyclone Nargis to be able to get them back to their daily lives. The Ayeyarwady Foundation has contributed around 2.5 Million Kyats in the religious sector by building, renovating, constructing religious structures, museums and Archives buildings in Ayeyarwady Region and Nay Pyi Taw Region. Furthermore, in the sector for the development of social activities, the Foundation has constructed, renovated and transferred ownership of the office building of the Ministry of Mines to the Ministry of Health, a (550) bedded Yankin Childrens’ Hospital worth 9 Billion Kyats situated in Yankin Township in Yangon Region. The Foundation is still active in supporting free medical treatments to the under privileged children and providing logistical supports till date to the upkeep of the said hospital.


Enlightening people’s lives through corporate responsible activities and sustainable solutions.


To implement Corporate Social Responsibility activities dynamically and effectively in Health, Education, YouthDevelopment and Sports, Disaster Management and Responsible business practices.To live up to our responsibilities to serve and enhance the communities in which we work and live and the society on which we depend.


No.123, Alanpya Pagoda Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Tel: (951) 255819~38, Fax: (951) 255844 Email: info@ayeyarwadyfoundation.org Website: www.ayeyarwadyfoundation.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/ayeyarwadyfoundation