Responsible Business Practice Program



In a rapidly changing and dynamic economy such as Myanmar,there are many different dimensions that business need to take into account when investing and subsequently developing a responsible and inclusive sustainable business strategy. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, Ayeyarwady Foundation also actively support our group-wide charity which is committed to helping religious sector and other supports for implementing transparent and responsible organizational CSR actions.Ayeyarwady Foundation strongly believes that community and environmental responsibilities and activities are integral to sustainability of our group. With the mission of “Sharing and contributing the Community”, the foundation as well as Max Myanmar Group provide a commitment to the community development in areas of financial, educational, charitable, cultural, community, and environmental causes in country and actively participate in the prevention, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of the community from the impacts of natural disasters. Ayeyarwady Foundation boosts an open, honest and continual relationship with local communities and works with
local hospitals, dispensaries, Red-Cross, and other civic associations for providing health care services.


Community Engagement

For the community engagement, Max Myanmar also provides career development for employee, creation of job opportunities for the communities where the business operates, supporting young generations by creating part-time job program and so on. In addition, Max Myanmar generally invites local communities to participate in some of the training programs, such as fire-fighting and occupational health and safety. Further, Max Myanmar constantly prioritize not only for the people but also for the environment. Protection of the environment in which we live and
operate is part of group’s values and principles. Max Myanmar follows all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, prevents and minimizes pollution of land, air, and water. Max Myanmar also actively participate in workshop programs related to environment engagement and also in reforestation projects across the country.

Donation for Religious Sector

Throughout the existence of Max Myanmar Group, since its inception in 1993, we have constructed religious buildings,
donated and contributed in reverence and pious devotion to Buddhism. Highlights among these achievements include;
• Pitakut , Records and Museum Building in Naypyitaw at the lower precinct of Upata-Thandi, Pagoda.
• Novitiating 1,000 novices, which was highly appraised by the native residents and was a rare and tremendous achievement in Bud¬dhism.
• Construction of Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda having the height from the precinct to the diamond bud of 36 feet.
• Construction of Paw Taw Mu Pagoda at Ma U Bin as the old pagoda had been destroyed due to land slide on the river bank.


Environmental Responsible Organization

We would like to be an environmentally responsible organization for future growth and development of community and
organization. Accomplishing its vision and mission, our Max Myanmar Group operates business in a socially responsible
and environmentally sustainable manner and plans to adopt the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
with sustainable policy in near future. Safety measurements are always thoroughly checked by the inspection team for operation process and management pays serious attention to all safety matters. Through the ongoing effort,
Ayeyarwady Foundation collaborating with Max Myanmar Group hopes to complement and support the growth and
development of green practices in the wider community. Furthermore, our group is committed to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations by adopting environmentally friendly practices such as introducing energy saving measures in our premise and encouraging recycling initiatives.


Donation for IDPs in Northern Myanmar

Ayeyarwady Foundation donated 30 Million Kyats in light of humanitarian concern for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Northern Myanmar who had fled from their homes due to the conflict in that regions. A charity fund raising concert, organized by Shingni Nbat, was held at National Theater on November 10, 2014.

Donation for Children from orphanage schools and monastic education

In August 2014, Ayeyarwady foundation donated 10 million kyats, clothes and footballs for one thousand children from orphanage schools and monastic education schools.

Donation to Nghat Aw Sann Juvenile Centre

On February 23, 2014, Ayeyarwady Foundation and its families went to Nghat Aw Sann juvenile centre at Nghat Aw Sann village, Kaw Mhu Township, Yangon. Two 32 inches LED television were donated for the center along with others items such as cups, toothpaste, soaps, towels, shirts and boxers for each individual children. A total of 210 books in various categories were also donated for knowledge increment for the kids. 50 footballs were donated for the kids at the center to play football and plans were made to implement football trainings at the center occasionally.
Some children are interested in boxing and training tools for boxing sports will be also donated.