Ayeyarwady Foundation constantly continues further contributions against COVID-19 pandemic

Ayeyarwady Foundation pushed ahead to continue its contributions for the hospitals and health workers against recent COVID-19 spread across the country.

The foundation constantly provided cash aid of 10 million MMK to Waibargyi and South Okkalapa hospital, where are mainly involved with all the process of the COVID-19 outbreak response at the front line in Myanmar, 6.3 million MMK to Swab Team from Yangon Regional Health Department as bonus for 30 health workers and three million MMK to Pathein hospital for the transportation during swab test to Yangon.

The foundation also provided to the quarantine camps of National Football Teams’ Apartments for the people of quarantine returned from Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore since 11 June 2020, going on its foods donation activities to other quarantine camps in Yangon, where over 500 quarantined people, health workers and volunteers fight together against the crisis.

In all the contributions, the foundation had proudly spent over 3000 million mmk for healthcare activities against COVID-19 including foods aids around the country, health insurance and bonus salaries for health workers, financial aids to the people in need and also Max Energy provided a special discount price for taxi, ambulances, vehicles of health workers and volunteers.