Ayeyarwady Center acommodates COVID-19 Positive Patients for treatment in Myanmar

Ayeyarwady Center acommodates COVID-19 Positive Patients for treatment in Myanmar

The temporary hospital (Thuwunna) for COVID-19 treatment, named “Ayeyarwady Center” has started to accommodate COVID-19 Positive Patients from 19 September 2020 in Yangon, Myanmar.

Ayeyarwady Center built at Thuwunna Youth Training Center, which can hold over 400 positive patients, will be a key place to give healthcare treatment by Ayeyarwaddy Foundation in line with instructions of Ministry of Health and Sports.

The center has already provided the temporary buildings for over 400 patients, Intensive Care Unit, Duty Room (Control Center), store building for medical stuffs and other stuffs in need, bathrooms and restrooms, examination rooms, protective chambers for swab test, lounges for health workers and volunteers, washing machines, PPE changing rooms and bathrooms with disinfecting system, accommodations for 150 of health workers and volunteers, CCTV system, fire alarm system and fire extinguishers, public address system, registration system by QR code, communication places between doctors and patients via video conferencing, generators for fully electricity support, garbage management system and daily meals support.

Ayeyarwady Center also provides the patients individually separate room with single bed, a locker, table and chair, electric sockets, a dustbin, a plastic storage box which contains 21 items for daily usages, drinking water, hot water and cold water. Every building includes a room for self-services system to be able to access daily usages items if necessary.

The center’s management office has been running at Myanmar Football Federation’s office, which constantly helps to assist the healthcare process of the center, to offer all necessary requirements in time, receiving donations and allocating to the center.

Ministry of Health and Sports contributes medical equipments for the center and Ayeyarwady Center is moving forward for healthcare by Ayeyarwady Foundation along with the aids of respected donors.