Ayeyarwady Foundation Moves On Contributions Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Ayeyarwady Foundation provides 4000 face shields and 8500 masks to the school children, as the school time came eventually back, for the protection during their activities in schools through Zeyya Maung Mel Charity Team from Sagaing.

The foundation also contributed cash aids of 300,000 MMK each to 12 positive victims returned from Malaysia, who have difficulties in transportation to return back their native lands. Besides, the foundation provided daily meals to 346 people who were quarantineed, health workers and volunteers from camps in Yangon, it also provides accommodations to arrange facility quarantine for 400 people in Myawady city, Kayin State.

In all the contributions, the foundation had proudly contributed over 3000 million MMK for healthcare activities against COVID-19 including foods aids around the country, health insurance and bonus salaries for health workers, financial aids to the people in need and Max Energy provided a special discount price for taxi, ambulances, vehicles of health workers and volunteers.