Ayeyarwady Foundation continues cash aid of 15 million MMK to Pathein hospital

Ayeyarwady Foundation constantly keeps moving forward to continue its contribution during COVID-19 spread across the country.

The foundation has provided cash aid of 15 million MMK to Pathein hospital for the general needs of daily operations such as medical requirements, machine repairs in order to help the health officials of doctors and nurses in their healthcare process at the hospital, while managing to treat and give medical care for COVID-19 victims.

As a kind support of social welfare, the foundation has aided 500,000 MMK to the family of a positive victim, who returned from Malaysia.

The foundation provided over 20 ambulances to the hospitals, Emergency Ambulance Services (EAS) and CSOs nationwide. It is sadly learned that some of the ambulances donated by Ayeyarwady Foundation were not used anymore as the difficulties of being lack of costs of repairs even though some have been still used beneficially.

We, as Ayeyarwady Foundation, proudly mention our great honour to Dr. Than Min Htut, Head of Pathein hospital, for his strong effort to have an ambulance repaired for the best condition to be used from the worst condition of long period without being used.

Saying says “Healthy is blessing.” Thus the machines for healthcare by human should always be blessed. We deeply hand our wishes out for all machines for healthcare to be used as the life expectancy of machine in order to get benefits for the people and for the nation.