With a $2 million contribution of medical facilities and equipment, Ayeyarwady Foundation ramps up its COVID-19 support in Myanmar

Increased funding brings the Foundation’s contributions to a total of USD 7 million in support with treatment facilities in Yangon, and now Mandalay

Yangon, Myanmar, October 20th, 2020 – The Ayeyarwady Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Max Myanmar Group and AYA Financial Group purchased USD 2 million of medical equipment and pandemic medical facilities expansion into Mandalay, and enlarged its existing Yangon presence. At over USD 7 million worth of material and infrastructure, Ayeyarwady Foundation has contributed substantial amounts of funds and resources to help safeguard Myanmar’s people amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new investment will include 1,250 Hospital beds for prevention and treatment of COVID-19, 200 beds for intensive care units/ high dependency units (ICU/HDU), ICU/HDU Monitor and Wireless Control Systems, tents that can be used as hospital buildings, Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank (20 Tons), PPE and N95 Masks which will be imported from abroad. The funding for the medical equipment and support was generously received from AYA Bank and Max Myanmar Group, which donated an additional USD 2 Million to the Ayeyarwady Foundation.

Mandalay, the country’s second most populous city has not been spared by the current onset of the pandemic, with healthcare facilities here pushed to the limit. The Ayeyarwady Foundation has stepped in to convert the Mandalay Football Academy to be used as a quarantine center. The temporary treatment center is a 100-bed location, with accommodation for 25 on-site volunteers who receive four meals per day and other necessary amenities.

“With the guidance and support of the MOHS and Regional Government Organization, the Ayeyarwady Foundation has doubled efforts to ensure thousands of patients across Myanmar are able to receive timely treatment and improved chances of recovery, even as the severe second wave of the pandemic ravages communities around the country. As a leading Myanmar private group of companies, we are honored to be on the frontlines of the nation’s fight against COVID-19,”  said U Zaw Zaw, Chairman of Ayeyarwady Foundation.

In an effort to combat the second coronavirus wave, the Ayeyarwady Center, a joint-cooperation between the Myanmar’s Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS) and the Ayeyarwady Foundation was established as a temporary treatment center with more than 700 volunteers including the medics and nurses for COVID-19 infected patients. It started off as a 425-bed temporary treatment center on September 19, 2020 and expanded into 575-bed temporary treatment center on September 29 and 1000-bed temporary treatment center in mid-October. In addition, the Center’s 75-bed ICU/HDU Critical Care Unit was opened on October 7. The Center’s facilities which can accommodate up to 1,000 patients and, is managed by the MOHS and has perimeter fencing with well-structured plan and 24-hour security and special access for ambulances.

The Ayeyarwady Foundation has also set up a Mask Producing Machine in October with the help of foreign experts, which has a production capacity of 50,000 units of masks per day. A total of 5 million masks will be distributed at no cost to public who are in need and for the low-income groups of people.

In recent months, the steep rise of positive cases as part of the so-called “second wave” has alarmed Myanmar’s healthcare authorities, with the spread of local transmissions demanding increased vigilance and measures. Currently, around 1,000 to 2,000 new COVID-19 cases and between a dozen and four dozen deaths are being reported per day. The number of daily cases rose in the last week of September, when Myanmar increased COVID-19 testing from 5,000 to 16,000 tests per day after introducing antigen rapid test kits. With the guidance of the MOHS, Ayeyarwady Foundation also set up the Test and Care unit at Ayeyarwady Center.

Among the ASEAN countries, Myanmar is fourth in terms of COVID-19 case count with 37,205 cases, behind the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. Health authorities are still using the containment strategy-hospitalizing all positive patients and placing everyone in quarantine centers.

About Max Myanmar Group

Max Myanmar Group is one of Myanmar’s premier conglomerates, with a reputation for quality excellence, entrepreneurship, innovative drive and inspiring leadership. With a clear vision, strong organization and effective decision-making, the Group is able to move fast and effectively building and creating value successfully. At the head of the organization is Chairman U Zaw Zaw, well-known for his business acumen and passion for developing the Group’s most valuable asset – our people. Originally established as Max Myanmar Co., Ltd. in 1993, the company started operations as an importer of vehicles from Japan. Through an accelerated growth strategy, it expanded and diversified into the fields of manufacturing, construction, mechanical engineering, transportation and logistics, energy, hotel and tourism, agriculture, and financial services.

About Ayeyarwady Foundation

Chairman U Zaw Zaw has a strong interest in the nation’s development and imbues the values of good corporate citizenry throughout the entire Group. Ayeyarwady Foundation was set up in 2010 as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) to focus on 5 pillars of philanthropy.

Ayeyarwady foundation’s philanthropy is a part of Corporate Sustainability, which is centered on being a good corporate citizen and having a positive impact in society, while improving the quality of life for communities and stakeholders. Ayeyarwady Foundation’s commitment to human rights, environmental sustainability and anti-corruption efforts is grounded in our organization’s belief that profitability and corporate social responsibility are not mutually exclusive values. Ayeyarwady foundation’s practices are in-lined with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights and Work; OECD’s Guidelines, applicable ISO Standards, the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and the United Nations Global Compact.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ayeyarwady Foundation has contributed 4 Billion Kyats for the people’s safety and public health. The Foundation has set up quarantine camps converted from AYA Bank Training Center, three camps of Myanmar National Football Teams and National Football Academy (Yangon), which can hold up to 350 people to be quarantined. Together with Max Hotels Group and Novotel Yangon Max, the Foundation has provided daily meals for 600 quarantined people in Yangon. Ayeyarwady Foundation also provided accommodations and health insurance for healthcare workers each and every day during the crisis.


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